City of Savannah, Adamsville, Hardin County Firefighters, firefighters'
spouses, and firefighters' children (up to age 18) are given a decided
amount of financial help in their time of need.

The way this works is you must submit an application and a decision on
how much donated money will be given out to the family or individual. The
decision is made by a group of board members that is comprised of
firefighters and Chiefs. The money may be for help towards a fund raiser or
to help in other ways.

Please keep in mind that this organization is funded solely by the
community, donations, sales, and holding of fund raisers. May you never
have to use it, but should you do, we've got your back.
Firefighter Support Fund
Contact Hollie Broughton 731.607.3252
Firefighter's Ball
Date: November 3rd
Doors open at 6pm, serving begins at 6:30pm
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