We would like to invite you to come to our
7th annual training weekend!

  We began this event 6 years ago to bring together fire departments across West
Tennessee to train together and build up a brotherhood around the surrounding areas
of our fire department. So far every year has gotten bigger and better!   

7th Annual Tennessee River Training Weekend
Tennessee River Training Weekend
This years 2-Day classes offered are:
•        FF192   Structural Firefighting/ Strategy and Tactics ----------------15 hr.
•        FF110-003   Intro Low Angle Rope Rescue ---------------------------15 hr.        
•        FF136   Arson Investigation for the First Responder ----------------15 hr.                
•        FF111   Intro to FD Pumps -------------------------------------------------15 hr.
•        FF110-035 Advanced Vehicle Extrication-------------------------------15 hr.
•        TIC      Thermal Imaging Camera---------------------------------------- 15 hr.
•        FF165  Arial Apparatus Familiarization----------------------------------15 hr.
•        FF175  FF Survival “Get out Alive”-----------------------------------------15 hr.                
•        FF152   Incident Safety Officer-------------------------------------------- 15 hr.                
•        FF          Engine Company Operations---------------------------------- 15 hr.
•        RIT          Rescuing a downed Firefighter/RIT--------------------------15 hr.
•        FF118   Intro to Instructional Techniques for Company Officers-- 15 hr.
•        FC          Fire Fighter courtesy inspection/codes/ Preplanning----15 hr.  
This years 1-Day classes offered are:
   **You can choose 2 of these classes but are not required to.
•      FO 210   ISO grading schedule ----------8 hr.       SATURDAY ONLY 8 am to 5 pm
•      FF113   ISO Tanker Operations ----------8 hr.  
SUNDAY ONLY 8am to 4pm
•      FF117   Flammable Gas Tactics ---------8 hr.  
SATURDAY ONLY 8 am to 5pm  
•      FO-HD  “Bridging the Gap”, Instructor HD Haywood  
SUNDAY ONLY 8am to 5pm
•      FF110-043  Smoke reading  and Modern Residential Fire Attack
 8am to 5pm

This years registration cost is $50 per registrant.
Last year we are proud to announce that we had over 300 firefighters
attend this training! They came from
2 different states to participate!

The vendor cost for this year is $200, same as last year!